Tours Of Obama's Ancestral Land Special

This special trip offered to those who are planning to visit Kenya to research more about the present USA President Barack Obama or for those aiming at kissing the Kenyan soil in Siaya, where the pioneer black man at the WHITE HOUSE has roots.

This takes you to the ancestral land of Barrack Obama, the US resident and (whose father Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. was a Kenyan from the Luo tribe) and (mother, Ann Dunham, a white Lady from Hawaii)

You will have an opportunity to interact with the local people in the Villages with unique and rich political, social, economic and cultural heritage. Learn more about the Luos and their predominant polygamous lifestyle.

We take this opportunity to welcome you; researchers, historians, scholars, journalists, explorers, religious followers both young and old to this famous Village in order to sample their unique lifestyles.

Here are a few programs which takes you to Obama roots: