Alego – Siaya and Kogelo Village Charter Flying Safari

This is a Chartered Flying Safari to Kogelo village which starts from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Siaya Airstrip. This is a few hours flying to Siaya Town and then transfer from the Siaya Airstrip to Kogelo village where the father of the USA president Barack Obama’s father was born. This Charter flight trip is meant for those who may not have a day’s or many days’ trip to Kogelo village. It is meant for group trip who can afford the cost for hiring the Charter flight from Nairobi to Siaya Township Airstrip and back to Nairobi on the same day.

Kogelo is the ancestral home of Barack Obama, Sr., the father of United States President-elect Barack Obama. Barack Obama, Sr. is buried in the village. Some of their family members, including his paternal grandmother Sarah Anyango Obama, still live in the home.In the home, Sarah Obama’s home; you will find both the grave sites for Barack Obama Snr. and his father’s. you will also find in the homestead Sarah’s house, the security tents, visit the vegetable garden, the cattle Boma and sit under the big mango trees where Sarah usually have interviews with visitors

Operating itinerary:
Day 1: Nairobi Wilson – Siaya Airstrip - Kogelo Village – Nairobi Wilson. 

You will depart from Wilson Airport to Siaya Airstrip then transferred to Kogelo village from the Airstrip. The Charter flights should fly you to Siaya within one and a half hours. You will land at the Siaya Airstrip from where you will take a van to Sarah Obama’s home for a few minutes visit or a whole day visit if you can afford the waiting charges of the Charter flight. After the visit you will transfer back to the Siaya Airstrip for your flight back to Nairobi landing after one hour and a half at the Wilson Airport. 

Kogelo is a typical Kenyan rural village with most residents living modestly by small-scale farming. The village has a primary school - Senator Obama Primary School and a high school -Senator Obama Secondary School. The land for both schools was donated by Barack Obama, Sr., a native of the village and they were renamed after his son and then US senator Barack Obama in 2006. There is also a health centre. The village has a shopping centre with shops and a bar. Previously the village had no electricity, but it was connected to the power network immediately after the 2008 US presidential election.

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