Obama Roots Special

These are special trips offered to those who are planning to visit Kenya to research more about the present USA President Barack Obama roots, those aiming at kissing the Kenyan soil in Siaya, where the pioneer black man at the white house has roots and at the same time explore the newly introduced Western Kenya Tourist circuit. Some of these tours will take you to the ancestral land of Barrack Obama, the US resident and (whose father Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. was borne and buried. 

You will have an opportunity to interact with the local people in the Villages with unique and rich political, social, economic and cultural heritage. Learn more about the Luos and their predominant polygamous lifestyle at the same time learn more about the surrounding tribes.

We take this opportunity to welcome you; researchers, historians, scholars, journalists, explorers, religious followers both young and old to these famous adventure.

Here are some of the interesting places and sites to visit as you are in Western Kenya:

Western Kenya Tourist Circuit

We are keen to promote the western Kenya tourist circuit which covers the Lake Victoria basin which includes the entire tourism activities inside and around Lake Victoria gulf in Kenya. Kenya boasts 10% of the great Lake Victoria in East Africa, but within the 10% portion of Lake Victoria, many tourists activities are unexplored within this region. As most travelers dream of finding a new and unknown destination, somewhere far from the beaten tourist path, where the thrill of real discovery and exploration reward them with new and unexpected experiences, sights and sounds, western Kenya, Lake Victoria region is the place for them. Western Kenya is an area of great geographical, agricultural, cultural and natural diversity, offering the tourists just as much, if not more, than many of Kenya’s better known tourist destinations. The Kenya Tourism Board is in the event of promoting this region both locally and internationally. It is not a wonder that most Kenyan populace have never seen Lake Victoria. This beautiful region is virgin, an undiscovered world of wonders, with huge contrasts. Endlessly diverse, Western Kenya has lush green highlands, the tropical rain forest of Kakamega, the great water expanse of Lake Victoria, which is the source of the Nile, and much more for it is a vast area.

Kericho Agro-tourism activities.

The first stop from Nairobi is Kericho. This town is at the heart of the tea-growing zone of the Rift Valley. Here you find the lush green carpet of tea bushes which is literally a gold nugget as tea remains one of Kenya’s biggest foreign exchange earners. This region produces one of the world’s finest quality teas. Agritourism and agro tourism is becoming popular, and Kericho has grown into a reasonably big rural town. Kericho is the perfect base to launch a tour of the tea plantations. There are also horticultural farms producing cut flowers. A tour of the Finlay company flower farm will make even the ordinarily dull person appreciate the smell and beauty - and even value - of flowers. The company exports more than 90 per cent of the flowers it grows.

Kit Mikayi.

There are many spectacular rock formations which abound with myths and mythologies in western tourist circuit. The massive columns of Kit Mikayi in Seme are towers of boulders piled together into gravity defying columns. According to legend, this was once the homestead of a powerful man who used to abuse and mistreated his first wife. The woman returned to haunt him after her death, eventually turning him and his property into stones. The stones have been a source of solace for the Luo people for a long time. They believe that if any man with a problem visits the stones, his problems will be solved and his wishes answered, so long as elders sacrifice a goat at the site. In the past, only men were allowed near the rocks, but visitors are these days welcome. The site is managed by the Kit Mikaye Rock Development group which plans to construct a Banda where visitors can get refreshments and accommodation. Religious groups visit the rocks hoping that their prayers will be answered.

Got Ramogi.

The Luo believe their people were born in a sacred forest hill known as Got Ramogi in Yimbo. This area of Bondo has beaches and unique plants. At Kang'o ka Jaramogi, there is a museum built in honor of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. His mausoleum is at this site. The tomb of his first wife is part of the museum in which various traditional items are displayed.

Dominion Farm.

Based in Luo Nyanza in Bondo and Siaya districts at the delta of River Yala at Yala swamp, it is an upcoming agri /agro tourism center. It is a modern Farm built by the Americans using American Agricultural Technology. Famous for Aquaculture Tourism in Kenya and the Bob Greene Weir on river Yala and Pro poor- poverty eradication tourism in Western Kenya.

Ndere Island National Park.

Ndere Island Game Park is a gazetted National Park inside Lake Victoria. Antelopes and crocodiles are in plenty. This Island is 10 minutes on boat from Kaloka beach.

Rusinga Island. 

Rusinga Island, which is accessible by road, is the burial site of political genius Tom Mboya. At the site is the politician’s mausoleum. There is also the Mary Leakey archeological site. Although the site is not developed, plans are under way to return the excavated fossil and construct a proper archeological site. The Rusinga Island Club is built right on the beach and can accommodate 18 visitors. It offers lots of activities including, fishing, sport fishing, sight seeing and water skiing.