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3 Days Mt. Kenya Safari

In the centre of Kenya only 10 miles south of the equator is a snow-capped mountain. This seems so unlikely that the German missionary to report this in 1833 was laughed at. Its existence was not acknowledged for another sixteen years and it then took a further fifty years before anyone climbed to the 16,900 feet (5,199 meter) summit.

Mount Kenya is considered by the local Kikuyu people to be the home of the Supreme Being 'Ngai' - the Possessor of Brightness, and the mountain is known as Kere Nyaga - Mountain of Brightness. When Mt Kenya's peak makes an appearance between the clouds, the sun dazzling off its snowy tip and jagged peaks certainly gives it a godly glow. The Kikuyu who live on the slopes always face their homes towards this sacred peak.

This mountain is also fascinating because of its variation in flora with the change in altitude. The lower slopes are covered with dry forest followed by montane forest full of cedar trees at about 6,500ft (2,000m). Then begins a dense belt of bamboo and short trees in which numerous animals hide. Between 9,750-11,375 feet (3,000-3,500 metres) comes high altitude health dotted with giant tree heathers and open moorland grazed by a few acclimatised zebras and eland.

The trip is a two nights trip which where plan to spend a night inside the park which will be all inclusive.

The itinerary will include a departure day from Nairobi to Nanyuki. Our plan is to stay in a local hotel and we do our local visit around Nanyuki town and preparation for the next excursion hike inside the park. 


Day 1

Travelling time to reach Nanyuki is 3.5 hours.

Day 2.

will leave early morning and drive to park gate. Check in and start our 9 km hike to old Moses camp.2.5 hour at 3300m.

Day 3

We will descend to the park gate and travel all way back to Nairobi.

The Rates will be USD.360 per person.

Rates include 
  • park fees
  • Camping fees.
  • Meals.
  • Guide 
  • Porter,
  • Transport.

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