Graceland Hotel

In the upmarket suburb of Milimani, Nakuru are spacious 2 bedroom apartments. They are built at a time when no expense and acreage was spared. Stepping out the living room provides you with a cushy playground for children and adults alike.

Not only that, you can also enjoy a recreational half acre well manicured field for BBQs, children activities, etc. If that is still not enough, Graceland Hotel is just a stroll away.

The Graceland hotel offers a wide choice of accommodation options to choose from; ranging from luxury Executive Suites suitable for families, Junior Suites, Tripple, Double and Single rooms. Every room has a magnificent, scenic view, with clean rooms upholstered in immaculately laundered facilities, to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.
Graceland Hotel Nakuru is a good place for family relaxation,good food,a swimming pool and a superb campsite for barbecue and camping.. The hotel offers a comprehensive range of conference halls to cater for groups of between 30 and 700 participants, all equipped with presentation audio-visual equipment, computer laptops, public address systems and LCD projectors.

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