Kijani Lamu Hotel

Life in Lamu has a distinctly Arab-oriental flavour, ladies scurry down back streets wearing buibuis (black cloaks which cover them entirely) and yet they are prone to shadowing their dark eyes with coal and have been known to cast glamorous glances from the folds of their buibuis towards favoured admirers.

In the evenings the aroma of thick Turkishlike coffee permeates the atmosphere; old men sit together philosophizing on the front steps of their houses, and little boys chase one another, darting in and out of quaint shops that line the main street.

10: All with attached bathroom Room dcor: A canopied Swahili bed stands beside antique cupboards and tables colored with hand-painted Indian tiles and painted glass. In the bathroom, intricately carved mirrors set off the sensuous effect of the walls, ceiling, and floor in warm ochre, its heady oriental effect heightened by shafts of light filtering through shutters from the world outside. Room amenities: Each room has a bathroom and has its own balcony or veranda facing the garden and the sea. The rooms are spread throughout the garden into three small seperate traditional Swahili buildings which formerly were private homes, made of coral walls, with boriti ceiling and makuti roofs.
The kitchen offers all types of fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns fresh from the sea, along with meat and fresh vegetables, together with African and Italian specialities.
  • Swimming pools
  • Bar & restaurant
  • Lamu cultural tour.
  • Relaxing by the swimming pool at Kijani House.
  • Fishing on the channel

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