Sibiloi National Park

Sibiloi National Park in Kenya is a natural wonder and the furthest National Park in Kenya. Little is known of this Park but its one of the most unique destinations in the Country.At Kenya's far Northern frontier lies one of the natural wonders of the world. Lake Turkana is a massive inland sea, the largest desert lake in the world. This single body of water is over 250 kilometres long- longer than the entire Kenyan coast. It is widely known as the Jade Sea, because of the remarkable, almost incandescent, colour of its waters.

After a long journey through the sweltering deserts and lava flows of Northern Sibiloi National Park on Lake Turkana in Kenya is the furthest National Park in Kenya with untouched natural beauty. The sight of Lake Turkana vast body of bright turquoise water comes as an unearthly, ethereal vision. The Lake is a source of life for some of Kenya's most remote tribes. The Turkana, with ancestral ties to Uganda, live a semi-nomadic existence around the Lake.

The country's smallest tribe, the El Molo, live a hunter-gatherer existence on the shores, in villages of distinctive rounded reed huts. Turkana has one of the longest living histories on earth, and recent fossil evidence unearthed at Koobi Fora has led to the Lake being referred to as ',The Cradle of Mankind',. The site lies at the heart of the Sibiloi National Park, a place of stark beauty and prehistoric petrified forests.

The Lake itself is a natural treasure, with the world's single largest crocodile population. In Turkana these reptiles grow to record size, with some of the largest specimens found on remote windswept Central Island. Lake Turkana is Kenya's most remote destination, but one that repays the intrepid traveler with rich rewards. Sibiloi National Park provides adventure for those who would like to visit the interior of Africa.