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Endless Mountains Medical Mission International

A group of people just like you, who have come together to bring healing and hope to communities in medically deprived regions of Kenya. Our goal is to plan and implement 6 medical clinics in the Nyanza Province of Kenya from July 28th to August 12th, 2016.

A Medical Mission to Kenya for Medical Relief

EM3 International promotes the well being and health of Kenyan communities with a comprehensive medical mission designed to bring relief and treatment to areas where it is most needed. On our Mission 2016 we will provide diagnosis and treatment for hundreds of patients a day.

By bringing access to medical care to these communities we help improve their overall wellness, happiness and quality of life. Our Mission 2016 will help us establish long term relationships with the communities to continue to conduct medical and wellness training in the area, and to solidify and grow permanent access to needed medical care and preventive education.

EM3 International is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide medical relief where it is needed most. We want to help set the infrastructure for continual advancement of the health services in the areas we visit. Our charitable mission provides immediate relief, and helps the continuance of care and education that is needed to achieve the long term benefits of the mission.

Our medical mission provides general medical care, dental care and surgeons in specialized areas like orthopedics, ophthalmology, etc. Our medical mission staff is varied, and there are many opportunities open and available for medical and support staff. You are an integral part of this mission.

EM3 International is able to help because of your generous help, the partnerships we have made with the medical community, the participation of the Kenyan community and because of the generous donations of pharmaceutical companies. Each of you help us empower and bring life and health where it is so needed.

Our goal is to continue to be able to provide preventative care, to help those in critical need, to leave the resources needed for long term care, and to help set the tools needed for continuing development of the health infrastructure of the regions we visit.

Endless Mountains Medical Mission International
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