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Kenya & Beyond Safaris

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Holiday Inn, Mayfair Court
The hotel has a quaint charm and the lobby and reception glow with brass figures, wood panelling and Kenyan marble underfoot. It is a historic hotel, with it's first heyday in 1940's Colonial Kenya. The hotel still retains its distinctive architecture and lush gardens
Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge: Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge offers luxury accommodation and amenities within... ...more
Rusinga Island Hotel: Rusinga Island is an imaginatively designed small luxurious lodge on the shores... ...more
The Sarova Stanley: There is probably no other colony in the British Empire where a hotel has been... ...more
Kilima Safari Camp: The camp is set out on a 360 acre site with spectacular view of Mount... ...more

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Into the wild.

Many of our loyal guests have been booking their holidays with us for the last ten (10) years because they value the fact that we know all the parks and reserves, resorts, and accommodation units. We are dedicated to bringing you the best holiday experiences and to helping you choose exactly the right holiday for you.

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