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Kenya & Beyond Safaris

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Panari Hotel
The hotel surely rates as one of Africa’s finest. Very Oriental it is - with generous drapes in the burnt colours of the desert, with deep and cushioned sofas, with ornate shisha pipes, and with waiters and waitresses dressed in uniforms straight from the bars of Casablanca. Its architecture is very impressive, a little bit over the top maybe-but I guess, with a name like Panari Sky Centre, it is allowed to be a little bit over the top. The Pasha is on the front terrace of the second floor. So it is high enough to look out over the Mombasa Road and into the game park. But you would need a powerful pair of binoculars to spot the animals and the birds. Nevertheless, it is a great and romantic place offering style and comfort.
Kilima Safari Camp: The camp is set out on a 360 acre site with spectacular view of Mount... ...more
Ole Sereni Hotel: Ole-Sereni Hotel offers guest 134 exquisitely furnished, air-conditioned rooms... ...more

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Many of our loyal guests have been booking their holidays with us for the last ten (10) years because they value the fact that we know all the parks and reserves, resorts, and accommodation units. We are dedicated to bringing you the best holiday experiences and to helping you choose exactly the right holiday for you.

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